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Catchment V2

The combined Springvale Drain and Floodvale Drain catchment forms the study area as illustrated below. The catchment includes parts of the suburbs of Banksmeadow, Pagewood and a small section of Botany. The catchment drains an area of approximately 375 hectares to Penrhyn Estuary via a formalised stormwater drainage network and open channels.

The catchment area is a combination of urban residential land use, parklands including Jellicoe Park, Mutch Park, and Bonnie Doon Golf Course, and extensive industrial land use in the lower portion of the catchment including Botany Industrial Park and Southgate Industrial Park. The catchment also includes the Orica Southlands site which is currently being redeveloped for industrial use.

As both drains connect with Botany Bay via Penrhyn Estuary, the downstream of the catchment may be influenced by tidal conditions.

Flooding in the Springvale Drain and Floodvale Drain catchment may be a combination of:

  • overland flow and main stream flooding from the catchment following significant rainfall events, and
  • elevated water levels conditions in Penrhyn Estuary from high tides and storm surges.

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